Chocolate and Coffee Pairing

This unique event will introduce you to Craft Chocolate and Craft Coffee.

We will discuss the surprising diversity of cacao flavors from different regions around the world and the ‘bean-to-bar” chocolate making process.  We will sample a variety of different products, using a tasting wheel to identify what it is we are tasting and sensing and explore chocolate and coffee as a pairing.


DATE: TBA (May 2018)

VENUE: TBA (Coffs Harbour, NSW)

TIME: 6:30 – 8:00 pm

COST: $35


Cacao Flavours of the World



  1. Will there be decaffeinated coffee? No.
  2. Can I swap my ticket for a future date after the cancellation period? No, but you are welcome to transfer the ticket to someone you know who can attend the session you are registered for.
  3. Is the tasting dairy-free? No, milk and dark chocolate are included.
  4. How long does a pairing usually last? 1.5-2 hours