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Meet the Chocolate Maker
Curio Chocolate was born out of my insatiable curiosity for discovering new things. Just as Alice unwittingly fell into the rabbit hole and discovered ‘Wonderland’, I stumbled into the world of chocolate making quite by accident and discovered my own magical place. With a passion for creating super healthy treats with organic, raw and natural ingredients, chocolate making opened up an amazing world of possibilities. The ‘Bean to Bar’ process of taking raw cacao beans, roasting, grinding, conching and tempering them to create a unique object of art (CURIO), to me, was fantastic… and I am excited to share this chocolate making adventure with you. My mission is to share bars of natural, healthy, guilt free chocolatey decadence. From single origin dark, and camel milk infusions to bars embedded with natural, unconventional and delicious textured toppings and flavours. I hope my bars will ignite your curiosity and inspire a life long love affair with pure stone-ground, beans to bars chocolate.

Karen Knight

Chocolate Maker
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"My luscious organic, healthy CURIO Chocolate arrived today. Absolutely beautiful yummy yummy!!"
~ Jonna

Have you ever held a chocolate bar, just observed it for the wonder that it is?

An Artisan chocolate bar is an object of beauty that has undergone a transformation; from beans inside a tropical cacao pod, into an edible piece of handcrafted artwork.

Craft chocolate is rich and decadent, designed to be savoured, piece by delicate piece, unlike ‘Industrial chocolate’, that is produced en masse and filled with additives and ingredients that are impossible to  pronounce.

Each craft chocolate has a unique flavour and origin that tell a story of the journey; from the farmer who grew the cacao and nurtured the beans through the fermentation process to the maker who lovingly roasts, cracks, winnows and grinds them with minimal ingredients.

At Curio, we use only cacao and sugar (plus 100% milk &/or coconut powder in our dark milk chocolate) to create a bars that expose and showcase the magnificent flavours of cacao…. Small batch craft chocolate truly is Food for the Heart and Soul!

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